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With the Junos in town this weekend and Robin Thicke set to perform it probably comes as no surprise that a petition has been started to ban Robin Thicke from performing due to his song “Blurred Lines,” which some suggest promotes rape culture.

These lines in the article linked below probably stuck out the most for me:

“Juno producer John Brunton said he does not believe people are truly offended by the song and said many petitions could be launched against hip-hop songs.
Juno co-host Johnny Reid said all four of his children love the song. Fellow co-host Serena Ryder said she too has written racy lyrics and personally considers lyrics secondary to the way words sound in a song.”

First I have to say obviously some people are truly offended by the song or they would not be starting petitions to ban Robin Thicke (the petition mentioned in the Free Press article is not the first that has been started against Thicke, other events have had calls to ban Thicke from performing too).

Secondly, I am not a musician, and I do not songs or lyrics, but I disagree with Serena Ryder’s idea that lyrics are secondary to the way words sound. I think it may be true that you will substitute certain words to sound better or rhyme in a particular line, but I don’t think you change words to change the entire meaning behind your lyrics…I don’t know, any thoughts on this FLFers?


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“The departure of Alberta’s first female premier this week, in the face of mounting public and party pressure, has reignited a familiar question: Did sexism play a role in her demise?”


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REMINDER: Next Friday (ie March 28th) is the deadline to apply for next year’s FLF Executive Positions!!! See below for the email message we sent out earlier this week with details:

Hello Robson Hall Community,

The FLF would like to make an open call out for members of the executive committee for the upcoming year.

The FLF is the law school’s feminist organization and typically holds 5-6 events per year. These include roundtables and presentations by faculty and members of the Winnipeg community, as well as fundraising events that benefit local organizations. The FLF also serves as the liaison between organizations like LEAF MB and Robson Hall.

There are a number of positions that need to be filled, including chair (or co-chairs), vice-chair, communications director, and outreach coordinator. The time commitment is generally minimal and often at your discretion.

If this interests you, please submit a brief application to rhea.majewski@gmail.com or carla.risley@gmail.com that outlines your interest in equality, feminism, and being a part of the FLF.

Deadline to apply is Friday, March 28th, 2014.

Please note: This is open to any students at Robson Hall and we encourage you to apply!

Happy studying,


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Any thoughts FLFers?

Honolulu police officers have urged lawmakers to keep an exemption in state law that allows undercover officers to have sex with prostitutes during investigations, touching off a heated debate. http://cbc.sh/Ie70SOR

Do you think undercover officers should be allowed to have sex with prostitutes?

(The above blurb is courtesy of the CBC News Facebook Page)

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A short article that explains rape culture and provides examples:


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Thanks to Katie Haig-Anderson for sharing this with us:


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I found this blog post on the CBA website. It flips the facts of the R v Hutchinson case we posted a few days ago (see here) and asks: “Could a women who, unbeknownst to her partner, did not take birth control pills (or punctured condoms) and who, as a result – without the consent of her partner – became pregnant, be accused of sexual assault?”

What are your thoughts FLFers?


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