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Hey all,

The U of M Womyn’s Centre sent us the following message about one-day LGBTT* ally training. This is a great opportunity for anyone wanting to gain greater understanding of and involvement in the LGBTT* community. And all costs are covered and yummy Degrees food will be provided!

“The Rainbow Pride Mosaic (RPM) on campus has been organizing Ally    Training for individuals/groups interested in taking the one day    training conducted by representatives of the Rainbow Resource    Centre.

-an ally is a person who has taken    training around homophobia and heterosexism. They support and    welcome LGBTT* individuals and work towards creating more inclusive    and safe places for LGBTT* people, by being aware of the effects    that homophobia and heterosexism can have on people. They also    create change by challenging and providing education around    homophobia, heterosexism, stereotypes, and myths about LGBTT*    people-

The current training days are August 23rd  and September 20th (both    tuesdays) and will be catered by Degrees. The Womyn’s Centre will be    participating and will cover the registration costs for any members    interested in attending the one day training.

If you are interested please send me an email by Friday August 12th, 2011 and I will send along more information as well. ”

Anyone interested should email womyns-centre@lists.umanitoba.ca by Friday.

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Despite the sunny weather this August long weekend,  I spent a lot of time thinking about the dark issue of missing and murdered Aboriginal women in Canada – an issue that is in the shadows on the Canadian landscape. CBC Radio’s ReVision Quest this weekend featured an excellent documentary examining the apparent indifference of Canadian society to missing and murdered Aboriginal women, despite the fact that estimates range from 580 to 3000 missing and murdered women. Why don’t we care? Why is this issue ignored? What can be done to end the plague of violence against Aboriginal women?

Find the program here

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