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Brad Pitt’s production company is making a movie on Steubenville from a male’s perspective. Will this be another ‘white knight’ story? And if so, is that a bad thing?


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“A long-promised victim’s bill of rights is about to be introduced in Parliament…” This bill is promising to give victims a bigger voice in the criminal justice process, allowing them to be a bigger part of the process rather than just a passive player.

However, not everyone is thrilled with the proposed bill. Catherine Latimer has “warned that the way the government is casting its plans, the Conservatives are threatening to “roll back more than 500 years of progress in criminal justice” by creating a system based on vengeance, the way it was in medieval Europe.”

What do you think FLFers is a Victim Bill of Rights a good thing?
See the article below for more details.

Follow-up story with a link to the Bill:

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“Bosnia’s decision to include preventing sexual violence in military training is “groundbreaking” and should become the standard for UN peacekeeping missions, British Foreign Secretary William Hague and Angelina Jolie said Friday.”


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