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December 6th

As we study and stress about exams, let’s remember what a privilege it is to be in school and remember the women who were killed Dec. 6, 1989, by a man who claimed to be “fighting feminism” at École Polytechnique. Today is the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women. Take a moment to remember and reflect on how we can be a force of change today, tomorrow and in 2014.


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This post is courtesy of Elizabeth Mitchell (Thank You!):

Hey FLF, I saw this and thought it was pretty interesting:

A Concordia University history professor (and a non-muslim) has started wearing hijab as a protest against the Charter of Values. Apart from being a comment against the Charter, I also thought it was an interesting- and somewhat poignant- reflection on the experience of women who wear hijab everyday for reasons that are not protest:

“Right now, it seems much harder to be a person who has none of these privileges to be wearing a hijab. It seems much braver for a woman to wear a hijab every day, like Ada, as she says goodbye to her children when they enter a schoolyard where other children are learning to search for and seize upon difference.”


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“After badgering the government to write women’s health care policy around its specific beliefs, the US Council of Catholic Bishops has finally gotten itself sued over the harm those beliefs cause when put into action.”

Check out the rest of the article below:


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Breaking News!


This humorous piece is courtesy of Jami Menzies!

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Hello FLFers,

Pro Bono just posted some interesting volunteer opportunities for next semester (as one was specifically feminist related I thought I would share their page update with you).


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