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An interesting exhibit taking place in Winnipeg over the next month: http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/arts-and-life/events/223504356.html

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An American Professor wants to see more men’s centres on university campuses.

According to the article, “Advocates on both sides of the border are seeking to fill what they view as a void at schools and within communities — programs dedicated to studying, serving and supporting male interests and needs.”

Now, I have to admit I’m a little confused because I thought that school programs were already from a male perspective and that one of the points of feminism was to help change this — make things more women friendly and serve and support their interests and needs since historically it has been all about men. However, to be fair the article says some of the points of these programs are to target perhaps “new” issues facing men, such as domestic violence issues with gay men and father’s rights issues.

The article also said the point of these centres is to talk to men to see what is going on, because more women are attending post-secondary schools and graduating than men (the article below has the actual stats feel free to look it up) and this is something that needs to be discussed with men in these centres. One possible reason is that men feel less welcomed on post-secondary campuses says Professor Groth. This might be the reason, but I prefer AnnaLee Lepp’s argument that men have more options afterschool than women, that is more options for higher paying jobs, such as in the construction industry or even the oil rigs in Alberta.

I don’t know that I’m completely won over by what Groth is saying, but I can certainly see some of the benefits to what he is saying. There are men’s issues that need to be addressed (like domestic violence), but I can’t help but wonder if these sorts of issues can’t be addressed with other organizations on campus already, or with feminist related groups too, because the issues aren’t separate from these other organizations. In any case, I like how the article ends, by suggesting these issues shouldn’t be an US vs THEM scenario.

Full Article: http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2013/09/27/mens-rights-canada-centres_n_4001456.html

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Thanks to Katie Nell for this perfect summation:

WHC’s Executive Director, Joan Dawkins, has issued a statement surrounding the anti-choice demonstration currently taking place at the University of Manitoba.

“Women’s Health Clinic supports women through the full spectrum of reproductive choice. We stand behind students using their voices to decry extreme tactics and inaccurate information to further the anti-choice movement. We believe in presenting evidence-based, unbiased information so women can make informed choices. Resorting to visuals comparing a legal, medical procedure to genocide and lynchings is not only inappropriate, but can be extremely damaging.”

Women’s Health Clinic will be one of many that will voice our support for reproductive choice October 3rd, 2013 from 12 – 1:30 pm at the Manitoba Legislative Building by rallying against those who seek the defunding of abortion in Manitoba.


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“A Thunder Bay bar is now first in Canada to offer pregnancy tests from a dispenser in its washroom.” Read why: http://cbc.sh/aHdZdCa

What do you think flfers?

We had a few comments on our Facebook Page:

Rhea Majewski: “I don’t see the causal connection here… when people go to the bar they’re not thinking, hey I wonder if I’m pregnant. If anything it’s just going to make neurotic women fear drinking ever… because man, I could be pregnant.”

Raelynn Madu: “I kind of agree [with Rhea]. I mean if the poster campaign wasn’t working then why would a pregnancy test dispenser be more effective?”

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“The trial of a Victoria-area teen who is facing child pornography charges for allegedly texting a nude picture of another girl without her consent will go ahead before a constitutional challenge, a judge has ruled.
…the mother of the accused said no one else involved in the case faces any charges and she believes the whole situation should have been dealt with outside of the legal system.”

What do you think flfers? Are child pornography charges too harsh? Should provisions in place to protect children also be used to prosecute them?

Some of our members on FB had this to say:

Rhea Majewski (FLF Co-Chair): “It seems we have to have some way of showing people it is not a joke to violate people’s privacy, but at the same time this doesn’t feel right.”

Hilary Taylor (FLF Co-Vice-Chair): “Agreed, it seems extreme to brand her as a sex offender for the rest of her life when she is young and impressionable. But at the same time, think about the effects on the girl in the picture and how her life is changed. Doesn’t seem fair that the girl charged should get a slap on the wrist when those pictures are out there forever. Tough decision!”


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A really interesting “experiment” done at the Harvard Business School on Gender Equity. Totally worth the read: “…What if Harvard Business School gave itself a gender makeover, changing its curriculum, rules and social rituals to foster female success?”


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