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Apologies for the link overload (there’s real, great content coming very soon!) but I discovered this via the Institute for Feminist Legal Studies website.


This is an awesome project that will interest anyone who follows equality issues, enjoys Charter law or simply likes the idea of playing Chief Justice for a day.

I’ll let the Women’s Court describe itself:

“The Women’s Court of Canada is an innovative project bringing together academics, activists, and litigators in order literally to rewrite the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms equality jurisprudence. Taking inspiration from Oscar Wilde, who once said “the only duty we owe to history is to rewrite it”, the Women’s Court operates as a virtual court, and ‘reconsiders’ leading equality decisions. The Women’s Court renders alternative decisions as a means of articulating fresh conceptions of substantive equality.

The first 6 decisions of the Women’s Court were published in the Canadian Journal of Women and the Law: (2006) 18 C.J.W.L. 27.”

A good way to get your daily dose of substantive equality (especially if you’re not getting it elsewhere!)

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The great new site for the Institute for Feminist Legal Studies at Osgoode Hall just launched yesterday:


The IFLS explains:

“This blog was launched in August 2010 as part of the IFLS’s effort to fulfill our mandate of “building a community of interest” amongst feminist legal scholars at Osgoode and beyond.  Our aim isn’t to provide a venue for original scholarship.

The blog aims at that mental space in which connections are made, between people and between ideas – the space where idea generation happens.

Reading this blog could help you find out about things that you’re interested in, like interesting scholars, interesting scholarship, interesting events.  Our posts are mainly suggestions about things that our members have found interesting, thought provoking, or important.  We hope that they stimulate your thinking and your research.”

The blog is already full of interesting posts on wide-ranging topics. Head on over and get your thoughts provoked!

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