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It’s time to rethink traditional concepts of prison!

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The above article was written by Haley Hrymak, a third year student at Robson Hall.

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Real Equality

“These societies show that breadwinning and care-giving reinforce one another”

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Shaming Johns

A group of neighbours in the North End are trying to discourage prostitution by posting the license plates of Johns on FB and YouTube. The group says that they already have enough to worry about in their neighbourhood with drugs and violence that they don’t need their kids also being exposed to prostitution. Thoughts FLFers?


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E-Fry Event

Hi Guys!
I just received an email from the Elizabeth Fry Society and they are planning the event below. The first meeting is on Monday June 3rd. If anyone wants to be involved please let me know. You can post below with your email and I’ll forward the message to you and get you in touch with the coordinator. Alternatively, if you cannot make the first meeting and still would like to be involved please let me know and the coordinator will do her best to incorporate you!

Rhea Majewski (flf.robsonhall@gmail.com)


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For everyone who volunteers for LEAF, why the work is important and how to teach YES means YES.


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5 GOOD Reasons?


We just need to get more women involved in organized sports in order to get them to run for politics, at least that’s one of the theories the above article poses.

The above Globe and Mail article looks at an American study that was done into why women are less likely to run for politics than men. It poses some interesting ideas, (some a little silly in my opinion — hint…sports) but not sure if it’s anything ground-breaking honestly.

Thoughts FLFers?

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The above link has lots of great signs supporting gay marriage. Take a look!

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Tonight! (Monday, March 25th, 2013, at 7:00pm) RH Gender and the Law instructor/Public Interest Law Centre lawyer Aimée Craft launches her book, “Breathing Life into the Stone Fort Treaty: An Anishinabe Understanding of Treaty One” at McNally Robinson. 7 pm. Way to go, Aimée!


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The above link was courtesy of Katie Haig-Anderson! Thanks so much!

The link is a letter a mom wrote to her two sons about trying to stop rape. I think this letter fits nicely with an article we posted several days ago (“Educating Men Instead of Women“) which suggested we need to teach men not to rape, rather telling women how to protect themselves.

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