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It’s time to rethink traditional concepts of prison!

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Hello FLFers this was posted to our FB page a little while ago:

I found a follow-up story to the Rehtaeh Parsons story we posted on our blog back in April (I’ve linked the original story from our blog to this post). Two boys possibly involved in the sexual assault of Rehtaeh have been brought in by police this morning (they haven’t been charged yet).

(Blog post) https://feministlegalforum.wordpress.com/2013/04/11/rehtaeh-parsons/

(follow-up story from today) http://www.cbc.ca/mt_ept/stories/2013/08/08/2-arrested-in-rehtaeh-parsons-cyberbullying-case-1.html?cmp=fbtl

Here is another story courtesy of RH second year student Katie Haig-Anderson: http://rabble.ca/blogs/bloggers/krystalline-kraus/2013/08/activist-communique-cyberbullying-law-inspired-rehtaeh-pars

And one more follow-up story (thanks FLF Co-Chair – and third year RH student – Carla Risley!): http://halifax.mediacoop.ca/blog/ardath-whynacht/18557

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The above article was written by Haley Hrymak, a third year student at Robson Hall.

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Camp Gyno

An amusing ad I saw this morning courtesy of CBC. Apparently not everyone likes it though. Thoughts FLFers?

“Advertisements for feminine hygiene products are rarely, if ever, hailed as smart, brave or hilarious — let alone refreshing: http://cbc.sh/OrQrgal

Camp Gyno, a commercial for tampon delivery service Hello Flo, has racked up more than 2.4 million hits in less than two days.

Those are impressive numbers for any ad, but this one is stirring up debate. What are your thoughts on the ad?”

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