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Rape as a weapon – not a cultural tradition.

This is a fantastic op-ed piece from the June 25th edition of the New York Times.  The author addresses a lot of rape myths on an international level. Anyone interested in international human rights issues and how gender stereotypes and colonial attitudes can affect the way the world interprets these issues should take a moment to read this piece.


The piece is also somewhat timely as Robson Hall hosted Doris Buss in the Winter 2010 term. Professor Buss spoke on “Rethinking Rape as a Weapon of War”. A video of her talk at Robson Hall is available here:


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Hello and welcome to The Forum! This is the official online location of Robson Hall’s Feminist Legal Forum.  This blog is intended to be one form of interaction for anyone interested in the FLF and/or equality issues, for both members and non-members alike. We are inclusive and welcome participation from all students at Robson Hall, male, female, feminist or not.  We enthusiastically encourage open dialogue, debate and conversation. However, any content deemed entirely inconsistent with the FLF’s mandate to promote equality will be removed.

We have big plans for this little blog! Watch out for notices about upcoming meetings and events, summaries of round table discussions and “Feminist Fridays” – posts from contributors on current issues, rants and discussion topics.

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