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This post is courtesy of Rhea Majewski:

Because I’m so excited about Bedford, I’m linking a couple interesting articles written by law students at Oosgoode.

Article 1: http://www.thecourt.ca/2012/09/28/moving-towards-a-more-just-society-applying-a-purposive-flexible-approach-to-the-test-for-public-interest-standing-in-canada-attorney-general-v-downtown-eastside-sex-workers-united-against-violen/

Article 2: http://www.thecourt.ca/2012/06/28/bedford-v-canada-2012-challenging-prostitution-laws-one-battle-at-a-time/

And to be a little bit more balanced:
Article 3:

In response to article 3 Jula Hughes had this to say on our Facebook Page:
“Balance or not, how does this get us away from the reality that criminalization is not a remedy for marginalization?”

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The above is an article by Margaret Wente that discuses the issue of women earning more than men, which apparently is leading to divorces etc:

“Couples where the wife earns more than the husband report being less happy, report greater strife in their marriage, and are ultimately more likely to get a divorce.”

Read the whole article and give us your feedback FLFers

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E-Fry Event

Hi Guys!
I just received an email from the Elizabeth Fry Society and they are planning the event below. The first meeting is on Monday June 3rd. If anyone wants to be involved please let me know. You can post below with your email and I’ll forward the message to you and get you in touch with the coordinator. Alternatively, if you cannot make the first meeting and still would like to be involved please let me know and the coordinator will do her best to incorporate you!

Rhea Majewski (flf.robsonhall@gmail.com)


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Dr. Henry Morgentaler died at the age of 90 at the end of May 2013. The article below outlines a bit of his life and obviously discusses his work as an abortion activist.

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“A coalition of women’s groups has succeeded in persuading Facebook to review how it moderates its users so that hate speech and posts promoting violence against women can be kept off the site.”


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“Ladies Night” goes to the HRTO.

Reposted from Elizabeth Mitchell


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