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I just wanted to thank everyone who came out to the Grilled Cheese Fundraiser yesterday! We sold out of soup in less than 20 minutes and sandwiches in 30 minutes! In total we raised $235 for IKWE!! Good work everyone!!

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Here is the Facebook official event page for our Grilled Cheese Fundraiser!!


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Hello All,

I just wanted to take a moment to point out that on October 25th, 2013 we reached 100 likes on our FB Page!!!!!!


Also, just a reminder that next week on Wednesday, October 30th, the FLF will be having a fundraiser in support of IKWE (a domestic violence shelter in Winnipeg) more info on the shelter available here: http://www.ikwe.ca/Home.page. So bring your cash, as we will be set-up in the main hallway at lunch.


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“Gawker reports that pre-emptive “dance contracts” are proliferating in the United States. One Maryland high school has banned “freaking,” “grinding” and twerking, leaving room for little but the chastity shuffle.”

What does everyone think? Are dance contracts a good idea? Too much? Is there a gendered element at play at all?


Elizabeth Mitchell (a former FLF Co-Chair) had this to say in response to the questions I posed on Facebook: “It seems like it would be way easier, instead of trying to list all the possible moves you shouldn’t do, to just come up with a set list of dances you are allowed to do. Like the polka or the hokey pokey. Those are the least sexy dances of all time. Although they also are in clear contravention of the “both feet on the ground” rule. Oh, and yes I do think these contracts are intended to disproportionately restrain female students’ conduct, but that almost seems like a pre-req for high school social policies that regulate sexuality”

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Those of you who have been with the FLF for a few years now will know that we have been following the Rhodes case and even had a roundtable on it a couple of years ago. Well there was another article about the case in the Free Press today:

“A man at the centre of a controversial Manitoba rape case has been sentenced to three years in prison. Kenneth Rhodes, 43, was convicted earlier this year of a 2006 sexual assault on a young woman in Thompson.”


Here are some of the other posts the FLF made on the Rhodes case:




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Poetry Slam

A short video from a Poetry Slam that talks about some of the different standards for men and women. It starts out a little slow for me, but after a minute or so it really picks up:


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“Several Romanian women were lured to Canada with the promise of a better life and then forced to spend their days providing sexual services in illicit massage parlours, police say.

Human-trafficking charges were laid against a Montreal man on Wednesday as part of a longer-term investigation.”


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