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In today’s chapter of “I can’t believe an otherwise respectable newspaper publishes this”, Margaret Wente (A Globe and Mail columnist who has irked the FLF on a number of occasions) has written a column about how gosh darn empowering being objectified by men is. The article includes this golden nugget of a thought: “The worst injustice of being a woman is not the indignity of objectification by men. It’s the asymmetry of aging.” Apparently, being pestered unpleasantly by men was not at all demeaning for Wente, but was in fact empowering. The column bemoans how no male will pester a woman over 50 like this. And of course, the obligatory shot at Slutwalk is also thrown in (apparently, according to Wente, Slutwalk is a movement where women ask to have it both ways – the right to dress like sex objects without being treated like sex objects. This seems to fundamentally miss the point about how a woman’s dress is not a license to rape). 

Maybe I’m just too much of a “repressed Anglo-Saxon”, too deep into our “indoctrinated culture” that has pounded the “evils of sexual harassment’ into us for years, but I can’t say I agree with Wente. 

What do the FLF readers think?

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Well, Winnipeg’s first Slutwalk is tomorrow, and we at the FLF have been thinking a lot about this event. Likely along with many Winnipeg feminists, we are sorting out our feelings on the march, and trying to decide where we stand and why. Its a complicated issue, but perhaps that’s a good thing, as some great feminist discussion can come from it. Is the walk a great opportunity to take to the streets with an anti-victim blaming message? Is the attempt to “reclaim” the word slut simply another patriarchy fueled attempt to satisfy the male gaze? Can you march for anti-victim blaming while not knowing where you stand on the issue on the word slut itself? Does the movement fail to account for the different experience of low-income, Aboriginal and/or racialized women?

Read some commentary from different perspectives here (Note that the FLF doesn’t necessarily endorse or share these views, its all just food for thought):

From Melissa Martin at the Free Press, featuring Robson Hall’s own Karen Busby and the FLF”s own Meghan Menzies: http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/breakingnews/hear-us-roar-131910393.html

From our friends at FemRev: http://uniter.ca/view/6574/

From the always insightful Marlo Campbell at Uptown:



A comment from the American adoption of Slutwalks: http://queerblackfeminist.blogspot.com/2011/10/endorsing-critique-of-slutwalk.html

Out of theUK:


And finally, the Globe & Mail:


Remember – if you’ve got questions or answers, the FLF is meeting at Second Cup on River at Osborne at 4:30 on Saturday, October 15th, to discuss Slutwalks.  And if you want to march, look for the girls in the baby blue FLF t-shirts at the Burton Cummings Theatre at 2:00 pm.

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