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As you may have heard, FemRev is organizing the 2nd RebELLEs Pan-Canadian Young Feminist Gathering to be held in Winnipeg, May 20-23, 2011! The first gathering took place in Montreal and hosted over 500 young women from every province and territory. It was an experience that launched the RebELLEs Movement, a pan-canadian young feminist network that is feisty, active and making waves.


The 2011 Gathering will work to empower young women and girls and to mobilizeenergizeand strengthen the feminist movement. It will provide opportunities for women and girls to develop leadership skills, share analyses and strategies for action, collectively work to improve the lives of young women, and to work within diversity in order to make meaningful contributions to the communities we are a part of. It is an opportunity to collectivize our struggles and make create concrete plans for change.


FemRev is hosting a local Consulta, a consultation process that will allow us to include various women’s perspectives and experiences in the development of the structure, content, and focus of the 2nd RebELLEs Pan-Canadian Young Feminist Gathering. These Consultas will be happening in communities across the country, as well as here in Winnipeg.


If you are between the ages of 14-35 and are interested in participating in the RebELLEs Gathering in May 2011…


Join us for the Winnipeg RebELLEs Consulta on

Sunday November 21st!

10 am – 5pm

West Central Women’s Resource Centre

640 Ellice Ave

lunch and snacks will be provided!

The Consulta is for those who are interested in participating in the RebELLEs Gathering in May and want to share their ideas and vision for the Gathering.

The RebELLEs Gathering and RebELLEs Consulta are women-only events. These women-only spaces will be open to all persons under the age of 35 who currently identify and/or live as women,  as well as those who were born female who claim no particular gender identification, who are two-spirit or genderqueer.

The purpose of the Consulta is to:

  • Share our visions on the content, program, workshops, and format of the gathering
  • Meet other young women and young feminists in Winnipeg who want to see change in our communities
  • Reflect and share on the different oppressions that young women experience and the different struggles that young women across the country are facing in diverse communities
  • Find strategies to ensure the diversity of content and participants at the gathering
  • Start to establish a list of human resources for the gathering (translators, artists, facilitators, etc.)
  • Share our visions on the content, program, workshops, and format of the gathering


Please RSVP by Friday, November 19th if you would like to participate. Please emailrebelles@femrev.org or call 330-1685 to secure your spot!



The West Central Women’s Resource Centre is a fully-accessible venue.


We will have free on-site childcare and bus tickets available.

Please let us know by Friday November 19th should you need either of these.


If you have any allergies or dietary restrictions please us know when you RSVP so we can meet your needs.



FemRev Collective
2011 RebELLEs OC

2nd Pan-Canadian Young Feminist Gathering
May 20-23 mai  2011 | Winnipeg, Manitoba
2e Rassemblement Pancanadien des Jeunes Féministes



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