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FLF Co-chairs Carla and Eli, along with members Mary-Ellen and Leila attended this year’s Slutwalk march in downtown Winnipeg. While the crowd was a little smaller this year (as compared to last), the sentiment remained positive and empowering. A commonly held misconception about the Slutwalk movement is that, rather than conveying any particular message, it’s really just an over the top, outrageous display of exhibitionism.

Two years in, we’re happy to report that this is far from the case. Sure, people are welcome to wear anything they’d like (that is part of the idea), but most people don’t attend the event because they want an excuse to whip out their nipple tassels. To the contrary, the focus is far from what people are wearing. Rather, the event centres on making a powerful, united statement against victim blaming in all its forms.

A shorter march this year meant there was more time for speakers, and these were speakers worth listening to. Those who spoke at last year’s Slutwalk set a very high bar, and this year’s speakers met that challenge. Starting with Chandra Mayor (who spoke brilliantly last year as well; you can read her tremendous speech about the word ‘slut’ here), the tone was set for thoughtful reflection, incredibly brave personal story telling and accept-zero-bullshit activism and advocacy. Mayor was followed by several women who told their own stories with grace and grit.

There is something incredibly powerful about both the telling and the hearing of these stories; for those who have been lucky enough not to be touched by sexual assault, it lends a striking air of reality to a devastating issue. For those who have been assaulted, there is hopefully some comfort in knowing they are not alone. Perhaps the lasting contribution that Slutwalk will make will be to provide a safe, public forum for victims of sexual assault to stand up and declare, “This was not my fault,” and for other people to hear it.

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FLF members representing the FLF and LEAF Manitoba at the annual International Women’s Day March!

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Winnipeg’s amazing Women’s Centres and the CFS are keeping the activism against Justice Dewar’s appalling and sexist decision going.

Head to U of W’s Bulman Centre to continue the discussion about what demands should be made of Judge Dewar,the government that appointed him and the justice system in general.

TUESDAY MARCH 1, 7:00 – 10:00 pm


515 Portage Ave

Winnipeg, MB
To quote a favourite placard from Take Back the Night this year: “My miniskirt does not equal consent!”


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A shocking sentencing decision from the Manitoba Court of Queen’s Bench:


Prof. Karen Bubsy has responded to the decision in a Free Press interview:


You can take to the streets and protest this kind of sexism in our legal decision making. A rally has been planned in response to Justice Dewar’s decision.  Its last minute, but its definitely worth the time to express that this kind of decision will not be tolerated.

Justice Dewar: No Means No! Rally
Friday February 25, 12-1pm
Manitoba Law Courts Bldg, 408 York


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Announcement for a rally taking place tomorrow:

The Rainbow Resource Centre will be hosting a rally to raise awareness
around the impact of homophobic bullying. In the past few weeks, several
students have committed suicide as a result of homophobic bullying. As a
community, we need to say that this is not acceptable and send a message
of hope to queer youth in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, North America and
around the world. It gets …better and there is hope.
The a rally will take place on the front steps of the Legislative
Building on Wednesday October 20th from 5-7 PM.
Tell everyone you know. Bring everyone you know and stand with us
against homophobic bullying.
There is an initiative started by a Canadian student named Brittany
McMillan from British Columbia on Facebook called Spirit Day asking
folks to wear purple on October 20th in remembrance of the youth that
have suicided due to homophobic bullying.
october-20th-2010-we-will> )
In conjunction with this effort we ask you all to consider wearing
purple to the rally.
We would also like you to check out the “It Gets Better” project created
by Dan Savage and his partner, please watch this moving video and to
learn more about the project visit the link on youtube,

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The FLF will be marching in this year’s Take Back the Night rally. All FLF members or other  interested Robson Hall students are welcome to attend (note: this includes males. Males are also encouraged to help out in a volunteer capacity at the march. Please e-mail flf.robsonhall@gmail.com if you are interested in volunteering). Bring noisemakers, drums, banners, placards and your voice…and wear your FLF t-shirt (available next week)!

TBTN 2010Take Back the Night is an annual march which takes place all over the world. It is a collective display of solidarity to reclaim the streets as safe for all, and calls for an end to violence against women.

This year TBTN will “shine a light” on violence against women which takes place in the street, but also that which happens under the cover of darkness and behind closed doors.

Rally begins at Magnus Eliason Recreation Centre (430 Langside Street) 7:00 p.m. March to follow. Reception with refreshments after the march.

There will be drumming, and music provided by Little Hawk after the march and a speaker TBA.

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