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The FLF recently came across this article, which explains that the Supreme Court of Canada has just ruled that a group of Vancouver sex trade workers can challenge the country’s prostitution laws. This ruling comes shortly after the Bedford case ruling, where the Court of Appeal in Ontario “struck down a ban on brothels, saying it exposes sex workers to danger. The federal government is appealing the Ontario ruling to the Supreme Court of Canada.”

This definitely seems like something we will want to keep our eyes on, not only because it could involve some changes to the law, but also  because, as the article explains, this ruling could invoke some broader changes as well: “The implications of this decision for women, for First Nations, for environmental groups to bring forward cases as collectives, in coalitions, simply can’t be overstated.”

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Dearest FLFers:

If you’re looking for some entertaining and informative summer listening, may we suggest CBC’s Know Your Rights. Each week’s episode focuses on a different Charter right. The most recent episode, dedicated to section 15 (specifically freedom from discrimination based on sex or age), featured an interview with Lenore Lukasik-Foss, the director of the Sexual Assault Centre in Hamilton, ON on the subject of SlutWalks. 

The section 7 – Life, liberty and security of the person – episode, (#4) featured a discussion with Canadian Civil Liberties Association lawyers Noa Mendelsohn Aviv and Graeme Norton as to whether the Charter protects one’s right to be a prostitute. 

Check out all the episodes out here: http://www.cbc.ca/knowyourrights/episodes/

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This week, the Ontario Court of Appeal will hear a provincial and federal appeal on the controversial Bedford decision. In that decision, a lower level Ontario judge declared certain existing prostitution laws invalid. Keep your eyes and ears peeled in the coming weeks and months for what will undoubtedly be a much discussed decision of the Ontario C.A.

Here’s a really great discussion from Monday’s episode of the Current on CBC radio, featuring two sex trade workers on opposite sides of the debate:


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Take a study break and find the opinion piece here:


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