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A number of FLFers recently finished facilitating LEAF’s “No Means No” program at a local school. “No Means No” is a workshop series for grades 6 to 9 that teaches youth about their rights and responsibilities in the areas of consent and sexual assault, and includes workshoping concepts of power, violence, stereotypes and gender. Given that this workshop experience is fresh in our minds, this story from the Globe & Mail about Minnesota elementary students playing “Rape Tag” at recess is particularly poignant. The story tells us that “Rape Tag” is similar to freeze tag, except that the frozen player must be “humped” by another player in order to become unfrozen. Apparently, the name “Rape Tag” was used by the children themselves. Teachers realized what was happening and intervened, and the school sent letters home to parents about the incident. What is perhaps the most striking is the notion that some parents were angry at the school because the letters meant that they were “forced” to discuss rape with their children (grade 5 students). Given we offer No means No to grades 6 – 9, this is interesting.

When should we discussing issues of sexual assault with children? Obviously these kids knew the word, and understood enough about the concept to know that it involves “humping” another person. Are there age appropriate ways to broach this subject? Personally, I think it is probably a good idea to discuss inappropriate touching with children, to express that its a serious issue, and to brainstorm ideas about what a child can do if something happens to them, or if they hear about it happening to someone else. Perhaps these parents shouldn’t have been angry that they were “forced” to discuss rape with their children, but glad to have the opportunity to raise a serious and important issue with their children. There’s some feminist perspective on this over at Jezebel.


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Winnipeg’s amazing Women’s Centres and the CFS are keeping the activism against Justice Dewar’s appalling and sexist decision going.

Head to U of W’s Bulman Centre to continue the discussion about what demands should be made of Judge Dewar,the government that appointed him and the justice system in general.

TUESDAY MARCH 1, 7:00 – 10:00 pm


515 Portage Ave

Winnipeg, MB
To quote a favourite placard from Take Back the Night this year: “My miniskirt does not equal consent!”


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A shocking sentencing decision from the Manitoba Court of Queen’s Bench:


Prof. Karen Bubsy has responded to the decision in a Free Press interview:


You can take to the streets and protest this kind of sexism in our legal decision making. A rally has been planned in response to Justice Dewar’s decision.  Its last minute, but its definitely worth the time to express that this kind of decision will not be tolerated.

Justice Dewar: No Means No! Rally
Friday February 25, 12-1pm
Manitoba Law Courts Bldg, 408 York


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