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The above link has lots of great signs supporting gay marriage. Take a look!

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Tonight! (Monday, March 25th, 2013, at 7:00pm) RH Gender and the Law instructor/Public Interest Law Centre lawyer Aimée Craft launches her book, “Breathing Life into the Stone Fort Treaty: An Anishinabe Understanding of Treaty One” at McNally Robinson. 7 pm. Way to go, Aimée!


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The above link was courtesy of Katie Haig-Anderson! Thanks so much!

The link is a letter a mom wrote to her two sons about trying to stop rape. I think this letter fits nicely with an article we posted several days ago (“Educating Men Instead of Women“) which suggested we need to teach men not to rape, rather telling women how to protect themselves.

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Today’s the day BC’s Family Law Act comes into force. The Family Law Act is substantially similar to Manitoba’s Family Property Act; it treats common law couples and married couples the same for the purposes of property equalization upon relationship break-up. Manitoba made this change almost 10 years ago, in 2004. We reported on an SCC case earlier this year that upheld the Quebec legislation, which does NOT grant such rights to common law (“de facto”) couples (2013 SCC 5, known as “Eric v Lola”). So Canada is a bit of a patchwork on this issue.

While granting these kinds of rights to common law couples has always proven controversial (note that under the new BC law, it only takes 2 years of living together in a conjugal relationship to considered common law; it takes 3 years in Manitoba, and many people consider that too short a time to have their property become sharable), many people also see the societal benefit in protecting vulnerable people who might not otherwise be entitled to anything when they split with their partner, just because they aren’t legally married. For people who contribute unpaid work to the relationship (often women), this is an especially important issue.

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Stereotype This!

A picture shared on our Facebook page. I love it!


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“When political analyst Zerlina Maxwell appeared on Fox’s Hannity this week, she suggested that preventing rape in America might have to do less with informing women to get guns/learn self-defense/dress different/drink less/what have you than it does with… teaching men, from a young age, not to rape”

I certainly think her statement is logical, but apparently not everyone on Fox thought so. I encourage you all to check out the link above (there’s a great video clip if you don’t want to read the article)!

And I wanted to share one more paragraph from the above article that I thought was good:

“Maxwell, a rape survivor herself, illuminates the right wing tendency to want women to arm themselves because they assume that true “rape” is only perpetrated by a stranger in a ski mask with a gun who jumps out of the bushes. In fact, obviously, many rapes are committed by people the victim knows and trusts, even loves, says Maxwell: ‘Telling every woman to get a gun is not rape prevention. […] We need a reality check. We’re talking about the wrong things. We’re asking the wrong questions.'”

Here’s a great comment from our Facebook Page:

Annika Friesen: “How ludicrous! No criminal is going to listen to an ad campaign! Goodness, I commend this woman for trying to bring some rational thought to Fox News… Love their strategy of just yelling over top of her to prevent the audience from hearing said rational thoughts…”

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“Lean In”


The above article discusses how: “Sheryl Sandberg, the chief operating officer of Facebook, has done something pretty gutsy. She has written a manifesto about breaking the glass ceiling, called Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead, and is drawing fire for it, because she argues that women often sabotage themselves….She wants her “Lean In” circles – all-women spaces to be supported by corporate workplaces – to teach women negotiation, public speaking and other skills, all merged with upbeat collective support.”

The article goes through techniques that Sandberg suggests to help women improve themselves, such as changing their voices to being more declaratory and straightening their posture (things men from elite backgrounds are trained to do from birth).

(Thanks to Kamini for the article)

Some of the comments this article received on our FB Page were:

Briony Haig: “I think she’s right. I see young girls & women apologizing their way through life!”

Elizabeth Mitchell: “This article leaves me cold, personally. I agree with Briony that apologizing all the time isn’t where it’s at, but at its heart, I feel like this article is about finding a way to fit women into the mould of what an ideal male leader looks like. There’s no consideration that some women have their own style of speaking or of interacting with people that is valuable, too, even if it’s not always as aggressive. I’m constantly being told that I need to speak louder, and I hate it, because I’m not lacking confidence, I just speak more softly than some. And as we talked about at the roundtable last week, there are more “feminine” ways of negotiating/resolving disputes that can be incredibly effective, but I bet that’s not what Sheryl Sandberg has in mind.”

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