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Hello FLF members,

I just wanted to let you know about a roundtable that we are co-hosting with the Mediators Beyond Borders group:

Mediators Beyond Borders and the Feminist Legal Forum are proud to present “Mediation: The ‘Girly’ Litigation?” – A Roundtable Discussion with Dr. Jennifer Schulz, this Thursday, February 28, 2013 at 12pm in Room 309. Bring your lunch and join us as Dr. Schulz discusses the new paper she co-authored with Robson Hall graduate Jocelyn Turnbull. Hope to see you there!

I have also heard that Jocelyn Turnbull might be skyped into this roundtable (this rumour has not been confirmed yet), so it could prove to be quite interesting if all of the technical difficulties can be worked out!


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A cool sounds event coming to Robson Hall on Wednesday, March 6th at lunch time in room 207!

Here’s a description of what professor McArthur will argue:

“In the wake of the United States Supreme Court’s decision in Lawrence v. Texas (2003), which declared criminal laws against homosexuality unconstitutional, the United States is in the midst of a debate about the scope and basis of sexual liberty. Against traditional moralistic arguments, the Lawrence Court invoked the right to privacy. However, I argue that the notion of privacy the court used is one that remains tied to moralistic ways of thinking, and that as a result there is in the U.S. no recognition of a right to have sex. I further argue that we should insist that courts recognise a different notion of privacy, one that does imply such a right. Though I focus on the United States, the debate has important implications for how we understand our rights in a liberal democracy more broadly.”


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Hello FLF Members!

Check your email in-boxes for a volunteer opportunity with the Elizabeth Fry Society.

If you aren’t on our email list then leave a comment on this post, send us a private message on Facebook, or email us at flf.robsonhall@gmail.com, and we will add you to our email list!

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FLF Members, please check your in-boxes for the 411 on our plan for the National Day of Rememberance and Action on Violence Against Women. Technically, it’s Dec 6 (the anniversary of the Montreal Massacre), but because that day is soooo close to exams around here, we will mark it on Thursday November 29.

Our plan is to have a fund-raising bake sale for one of Winnipeg’s women’s shelters, Osborne House. We would love to have some baking donated by anyone who is able to contribute! If that is the kind of thing you’re into, then PLEASE DO!

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Hey y’all! We posted about this documentary, Who Cares? a few days ago. We (Carla and Eli) are planning to see it Sunday, November 11 at 7 pm and would be delighted to have anyone else join us.

Cinematheque is in the Exchange District, at 304-100 Arthur Street.

Hope to see you there!


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Sent from the International Association of Women Judges, Canadian Chapter: http://iawjcc.com

Seems pretty cool, and maybe we should take them up on their generous offer! What kinds of issues would we like to hear about from the IAWJCC?


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Hey FLF! LEAF MB has planned a No Means No facilitator training session for later this month. This is your chance to learn how to teach youth about the law of sexual consent, a truly worthwhile and fun endeavour. Sign up with LEAF today!

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