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Any thoughts FLFers?

Honolulu police officers have urged lawmakers to keep an exemption in state law that allows undercover officers to have sex with prostitutes during investigations, touching off a heated debate. http://cbc.sh/Ie70SOR

Do you think undercover officers should be allowed to have sex with prostitutes?

(The above blurb is courtesy of the CBC News Facebook Page)

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A short article that explains rape culture and provides examples:


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Thanks to Katie Haig-Anderson for sharing this with us:


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I found this blog post on the CBA website. It flips the facts of the R v Hutchinson case we posted a few days ago (see here) and asks: “Could a women who, unbeknownst to her partner, did not take birth control pills (or punctured condoms) and who, as a result – without the consent of her partner – became pregnant, be accused of sexual assault?”

What are your thoughts FLFers?


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In honour of International Women’s Day (which just happens to be today, Saturday, March 8th) the FLF is doing a Pancake Lunch on Tuesday, March 11th, in the main hallway at noon (feel free to checkout the lovely picture for the event I have attached to this email). The proceeds of the lunch will be going to the Elizabeth Fry Society.

On Tuesday, March 11th, at lunch we will also be collecting clothes for the Elizabeth Fry Society, as they have a wonderful set-up which aids women recently released from prison. These women often need nicer clothing to attend court dates and job interviews and the Elizabeth Fry Society tries to provide them with this type of clothing. If you cannot drop clothes off on Tuesday let us know and we will try to make other arrangements for you.

If you want more info about the Elizabeth Fry clothing program go to this link: http://www.efsmanitoba.org/Services-Programs.page

Also, if you have Facebook feel free to RSVP to our Event at the link below:



Finally, just a reminder that on this coming Monday (March 10th) at 2:30pm, in room 206, Professor Busby is hosting a panel discussion entitled “Where Next For Prostitution Laws?” The recent SCC Bedford decision has struck down some of Canada’s Prostitution Laws and the panel will discuss what should happen next.

To read the Bedford decision click the link below (you don’t have to read the decision to attend the talk, I just thought some might be interested — if you haven’t been required to read it for class already)


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Happy International Women’s Day!


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“People keep trying to pick me apart. They say I don’t really need the money and that I’m not as empowered as I think. There is criticism from all sides but I’m firm in my position.”

A female student at a university in the US is paying her way through school by doing porn. Not all of her classmates support her decision, read more in the article below and feel free to share your thoughts:


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