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“Imprisoned mothers have the constitutional right to care for their newborn babies, a B.C. Supreme Court judge has ruled.”

This is an interesting decision and it will intriguing to see whether the decision or appealed or not. I feel like it will be, but you never know.

Thank you to Elizabeth Mitchell for giving us the link to the article and the entire case from CanLII: http://www.canlii.org/en/bc/bcsc/doc/2013/2013bcsc2309/2013bcsc2309.html

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Update on the Shoe Box Project Fundraiser:
The Shoe Box project was started by the wife of the Dean of Sciences. This year her goal was to have a box for every woman in the three women’s shelters in the city. This would require about 60 boxes. With the help of the FLF donations the project has received enough goodies to make up 900 boxes. These boxes will be shipped all across the province to various women’s shelters and transition homes. Some of the Shoe Boxes are even headed to Thompson!
Big thanks to FLF members and the Robson Hall Community for your kind donations.

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“As a result of the gender gap that plagued GOP candidates and Mitt Romney in the 2012 elections, the National Republican Congressional Committee is now teaching male candidates running against female challengers or incumbents about how to discuss rape, for instance. “Multiple sessions” have evidently been devoted to linguistic skills training.”

Some of the ideas promoted in this linguistic training is a little misguided (to say the least) and the article expresses this sentiment as well.The article is amusing and I recommend you go read the full piece.

Thanks to Reannah Jade for sending us the article!

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