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Rehtaeh Parsons


The story of Rehtaeh Parsons is a sad one. The 17 year old attempted suicide and her family had to make the difficult decision to take her off of life-support days later.

A little over a year earlier Parsons had been raped by 4 boys. One of the boys took some photos of the incident and distributed them around the community and Parsons’ school. Parsons’ peers were anything but sympathetic to what had happened to her and instead left Parsons trying to recover not only from the incident, but also the fall-out from it. Students texted Parsons harassing her and girls called her a slut.

Police investigated the incident, but found that there was insufficient evidence to lay charges.

The above article asks “Who Failed Rehaeh Parsons?”

Thoughts FLF?

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Interesting how our society has a double standard when it comes to sexual assault:


Rhea Majewski (our vice-chair) had this to say on Facebook: “People are bizarre. If the guy had just said he was kidnapped by 4 people and assaulted no one would think that was funny.”

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This is a must watch, especially if you’re feeling down about the recent surge of homophobia in Manitoba.

Winnipegger Chris McNally woke up on Easter Sunday to find his Brooklands neighbourhood home graffitied with homophobic slurs. Check out this lovely video of a diverse group of Manitobans coming together to PAINT OVER THE HATE!

I definitely teared up at the hearty “3-2-1 EQUALITY!” Heart = warmed

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Cool-sounding job opportunity:

“The West Central Women’s Resource Centre (WCWRC) provides services and programming to women and families in the West Central neighbourhood of Winnipeg. WCWRC is seeking a Red Road to Healing Program Coordinator to assist in the delivery of WCWRC’s Red Road to Healing Domestic Violence program. Our work is done using an empowerment and harm reduction philosophy.”

click the link below for full details. Share with anyone you know who might be interested


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Right on, Pivot Legal! Best of luck in your application to intervene in Bedford at the SCC!

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“From the opposition to Bill 18 in Steinbach, to business owners being run out of town in Morris (Gay restaurant owners sick of insults, April 2), to homes being vandalized in Winnipeg (Anti-gay slurs on home seen as targeted attack, April 2), Manitobans need to stop for a moment and make some serious connections.” Seriously.

David Jacks, Winnipeg Free Press Letter of Day, 3 April 2013

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The article above discusses a blog post by Steven Landsburg, an economics professor at the University of Rochester. So, let’s just get into it, at one point in Landsburg’s blog he says:

“Let’s suppose that you, or I, or someone we love, or someone we care about from afar, is raped while unconscious in a way that causes no direct physical harm—no injury, no pregnancy, no disease transmission. (Note: The Steubenville rape victim, according to all the accounts I’ve read, was not even aware that she’d been sexually assaulted until she learned about it from the Internet some days later.) Despite the lack of physical damage, we are shocked, appalled and horrified at the thought of being treated in this way, and suffer deep trauma as a result. Ought the law discourage such acts of rape? Should they be illegal?”

And then follows up with:

“As long as I’m safely unconsious and therefore shielded from the costs of an assault, why shouldn’t the rest of the world (or more specifically my attackers) be allowed to reap the benefits? …. Every time someone on my street turns on a porch light, trillions of photons penetrate my body. They cause me no physical harm and therefore the law does nothing to restrain them. Even if those trillions of tiny penetrations caused me deep psychic distress, the law would continue to ignore them”

And one more quote for you:

“[W]ould you be willing to legalize the rape of the unconscious in cases where the perpetrators take precautions to ensure the victim never learns about it?”

Obviously I’m only taking a small snippet from the article, which takes a small snippet from the originaly blog post, so I encourage you to go read both fully, but I think it is safe to say his analogies are, to put it very mildly, misguided and highly inappropriate!

Thoughts FLFers?

Thank you to Alyssa Priestley for sending us this article!

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