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Can you consent to sexual activity while sleeping?

Can you consent in advance to sexual activity while unconscious?

Is there even such a thing as advance consent? Should there be?

What about in a domestic violence context?

The Supreme Court will be considering these questions when the J.A. case is argued next week. LEAF has intervened in the case to argue these important issues.

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Read the trial decision here:


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Read the sentencing decision here:


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Should Canada consider a Swedish model on paternity leave? (interestingly, Sweden is also looked to for a comparative model on prostitution laws. Sweden appears to be an example of looking outside the box to create positive change)

Here’s some food for thought on that from the Globe and Mail


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Some food for thought from the Globe & Mail…

A couple of questions – shouldn’t all zones be harassment free? Why do we have to fight for a few city blocks to be harassment free? In a perfect world, shouldn’t anyone be able to walk down any street and be free from harassment? Or, is this an impossible ideal? Are a few blocks in “prime zones” (such as around schools) the best we can hope for?

Some interesting things to mull over!

Should catcalls be illegal” by Zosia Belski (Globe & Mail, November 2, 2010)

No Harassment Zones: “Street harassment of women is as old as cities themselves,” but women are fed up, according to an Associated Presspiece posted on the Washington Post site.

In New York City, catcalling central, council heard testimony from women who regularly get yelled at by men to the point that they feel it limits their daily routines — they want “no harassment zones” set up near schools.

“This harassment limits the rights and freedoms of women and girls to enjoy a simple walk outside,” said councilwoman Julissa Ferreras, recalling how she learned to “speedwalk” and avoid certain areas to dodge catcallers as a teen.

Today, tech is circumventing the whistlers: Activists in Cairo are launching Harrasmap, a website where women can report leering and groping. Hollaback, an anti-street harassment organization, is releasing a smart phone app for the same purpose.



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